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For Those Seeking Ownership and Control of Their Data in a Private Customized Cloud

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We are a navigator to PRIVATE, SECURE, comprehensive and scalable IaaS, DRaas, DaaS, NaaS, ISP and other data center solutions. We service businesses across the United States, making a way for you to connect to those whom seek the best for your business or organization in a time of uncertainty. Focusing on your right to web presence, privacy and security we have partnered with a like minded company who has been prepared for such a time as this.

Whom We Serve

XODS Web Services provides data and cyber security protection services for critical infrastructure sectors to sovereign nation states and the private business sector. Our proprietary systems and resources position sovereign nation states and Fortune 500 companies to best avoid the catastrophic consequences of today’s cyber and ransomware attacks. The unique and effective systems and resources utilized by our team have been in place and successfully operating for over 20 years.

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Whether your need is mission critical or development based; our team of certified technical professionals will work with you to craft the solution that your environment demands. Our expertise can help you navigate the ocean of options associated with todays on-demand computing environments.
You'll be in good company

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Coping Under the Current Climate

Coping Under the Current Climate

Coping Under the Current Climate

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Servicing Continental US, Europe and Asia with dual sites and expansion goal set to at least 5 PRIVATE sites planned by 2023.

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